Tips to prepare for your next performance review

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Key takeaways

Tip # 1: Take the lead

You are not in control of the performance evaluation process and outcomes, but there are many ways how you can influnence them. Don’t completely rely on others (e.g. your manager) to build a narrative and present your results on their own - summarize the results and build the narrative for them (or, even better, with them).

Tip # 2: Keep track of what you do

Record what you’re doing at least at a weekly cadence - this will help remembering what you achieved and make it easier to write a self-review, and support communicating your results in many other ways.

Tip # 3: Highlight the best

Have a carefully curated list of “best of the best” stuff - this could come in quite handy to support your performance evaluation narrative.

Tip # 4: Edits

Sometimes you can make a great indirect impact by investing little effort. These might feel not very valuable, and even useless for performance review. However, those things could be the most valuable things you do (think averting crises before they happen, or steering projects towards much better outcomes) - just need to accumulate critical mass to show it.

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